Orders and commissions are processed upon receipt of check or money order (including 6 percent sales tax for Pennsylvania residents) payable to: "Simple's Horticultural Art Gallery."

Pickup is by appointment only. To schedule an appointment e-mail Simple@SimpleGardenArt.com.


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image of simple with grass sculptures


growing card

The Amazing Growing Card

This handsome card, when folded, displays only the bulb in the soil. When the first fold is opened, the foliage appears; when the second fold is opened, the flower is in full bloom.

A single packet of 8 cards and 8 envelopes, with shipping and handling included, is $18.

A box containing 12 packets of 8 cards and 8 envelopes is $120, with shipping and handling included.






jolly reflector wands

Simple’s Reflector Wands©

Great for gardens and indoor uses, too! These lovely wands reflect sunlight, headlights, Christmas lights, and all other light sources.

Simple’s Reflector Wands©
$25 per foot of sequins.

Colors available: gold, red, sky blue, dark blue, and green.

Hanging Reflector Wands©
$25 per foot.
Available in one- and two-foot lengths.

Reflector Wands© on Rods
Sequins are wrapped on 3’, 4’, or 5’ – 3/8” black-painted rods.
One foot of sequins on rods, $30.
Two feet of sequins on rods, $55.

Prices do not include associated shipping costs.