simple's designs

the images below are links
to some of the garden elements
simple has designed for and with his clients


Stephanie Cohen
Collegeville, PA
March 2008

click to see pictures of susan peterson's garden

Susan Peterson's Garden
San Jose, CA,
February 2007

Hannah and Kurt
Bluemel's Garden
Baldwin, MD
June 2006

Chuck Mewshaw and
Geoffrey Lindstrom's Garden
Mitchellville, MD
April 2006

Paula West Kaplan's
Rooftop Garden
Brodhead, WI
July 2004

Paula West Kaplan's
New House Garden
Brodhead, WI
July 2007

click to see pictures of allen bush's garden
Allen Bush's
Main Garden
Louisville, KY
July 1998

click to see pictures of daddy-o patio

Allen Bush's Daddy-o Patio
Ashland, NC,
June 1994